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Roaring 20s quiz Essay

f scott fitzgerald
novelist and short story writer – alcoholic – wrote the Great Gatsby
bobby jones
golfer – created the “Masters” – “Georgia Wizard”
babe ruth
american baseball icon – left handed played for oriels, red sox, and yankees
coco chanel
fashion designer and jewelry maker – made the little black dress, tanned skin, and the chanel suit
lou gehrig
baseball – considered himself the “luckiest man alive” signed w Yankees sophomore year of college – won 6 world series – diagnosed w ALS
mary pickford
actress born in Canada – created the united artists – supported family with the money she made
zelda fitzgerald
didnt get attention as a child – flapper – loved attention – drank smoked and partied – depression and schozophrenia
harry houdini
magician – escape artist – after all his tricks he became an actor – died by appendix burst – inspired by dr lynn – brothers houdini
clara bow
first sex symbol – famous movie star – silent films – embraced being a flapper girl – the “it girl” – did around 50 movies – lots of scandals – married a country singer
al capone
greatest Chicago gangster of all time – boss of yhr Chicago Outfit
charlie chaplin
singer and silent actor – many affairs , married 4 times – won an academy award
louise brooks
dancer and artist – most famous film: Pandora’s Box – known for bobbed haircut – flapper
jack dempsey
boxer – older brother was biggest influence – biggest fight vs Jess Willard – after career opened a restaurant in NYC and became an actor
henry ford
came from nothing – became one of the most successful people in the world – created the model T car – created the assembly line
josephine baker
actress – comedian – dancer – went to parks and became successful there – became civil rights activist
bugs moran
gangster in Chicago- Northside gang during – prohibition era – rival was Al Capone
bessie smith
a blues musician in the Jazz age – blended western and african style music – down hearted blues
john held jr
sketcher artist who drew humorous sketches of flapper girls and their counterparts
amelia earhart
first woman to fly an airplane all over the world by herself

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Roaring 20s quiz Essay
f scott fitzgerald
novelist and short story writer - alcoholic - wrote the Great Gatsby
bobby jones
golfer - created the "Masters" - "Georgia Wizard"
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Roaring 20s quiz Essay
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