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French fashion history Essay

-was sent to an orphanage at a young age
-got name because he/she sang at show for a living
Coco Chanel
-was a taylor’s assistance
-stayed with Balsan who gave her, her exposure (invested in her)
-icon of beauty
-changed the fashion world
coco chanel
-made jersey dresses
-handmade hats
-costume jewelry
-woman suit of tweed (collar and tight skirt and jacket)
-little black dress
-redesigned handbag
-two tone shoe
coco chanel
-dated a nazi during WWII
-house was shut down during this
-moved switzerland then back to paris
coco chanel
known for the bettina blouse (long skirt and tailored top)
Hubert de Givenchy
-their mentor was Balenciaga
-worked for Jaques Fath at 17
-went to art school
Hubert de Givenchy
-designed the sack (dress with loose silhouette)
-attire for Hepburn
-designed for men
-long skirts and tailored tops
-long evening gowns and hats
Hubert de Givenchy
sold company to Louis Vuitton
Hubert de Givenchy
designed for breakfast and tiffany’s
Hubert de Givenchy
Tiffany and co
Paloma Picasso
-known for scarlet lipstick
-red is their trade mark
Paloma Picasso
father is pablo picasso, he painted her, and when he dies she put her career to the side
Paloma Picasso
-costume designer in paris
-married director
-jewelry design school
Paloma Picasso
worked of yves saint before own company
-has a necklace in the Smithsonian
-lightning bolt necklace
Paloma Picasso
was on the best dressed list
acted for a while
perfume for L’oreal
Paloma Picasso
mom died
mean step mom
ran away to paris
Louis Vuitton
-1st job in paris was creating boxes
-became very skilled at leather making
Louis Vuitton
shop was set on fire during the war
Louis Vuitton
-made trunks with label name on them
-introduced flat bottom trunks so they could be stacked
-used gray not leather because waterproof and more expensive
Louis Vuitton
introduced beige and red strips design
birth of modern luggage
Louis Vuitton
-many perfumes and intricate costumes
-loved photography
wrote own biography
-interest in ballet
Thierry Mugler
-style strong and cruel
-dominating solid colors
-wide padded shoulders
-robot look alike
-inspiration from Gothic architecture
Thierry Mugler
-worked with skin care company clarins who helped produce his most famous perfume angel
Thierry Mugler
-creator of shock
-designed for beyonce
-freelance designer
-cafe de paris — 1st line
-woman space themes
Thierry Mugler
inspiration for designing from museum sign
Christian Louboutin
inspiration for red soles from assistance red nail polish
Christian Louboutin
very expensive shoes with bows and jewels
also has men and beauty line
Christian Louboutin
-wanted to be an architect which he hid from his father
-dad gave him money to open is gallery
-known for full skirts, cinched waists, calf length skirts, fuller bust
“new look”
never begins fashion show without permission of a psychic
-2500 people at funereal
-french officer in WW1
-designed uniforms for the Nazi
-one of perfumes inspired by sister taken by nazi
-model covered in favorite flower — lilly of the valley
-1st ready to wear in a big city
-shoes hats and gloves part of design
-saint Laurent assistance
-cover time magazine
-made harnesses and bridles and saddles
-satchel to wear on rides
-designed a bag for his wife when she could not find one
his son took over the company
introduced the zipper
known for their orange boxes and birkin bag (waiting list)
worn by grace kelly prince of wales and jackie kennedy
6th generation in charge
150 thousand $$
-moved for Montpelier for art school
-born in france
Christian Lacroix
harsh critiques
colors Mediterranean
towel and jean line
Christian Lacroix
designed wedding dresses (aguilera) hand sewn
Christian Lacroix
perfumes, kid line, air france uniforms short puff ball dresses with low neck line
Christian Lacroix
patterns with new lines, house failed, towels and jeans brought back money
Christian Lacroix
learned skills working as a tailor
worked in dior fashion house
Pierre Cardin
famous bubble dress
design for school teachers in japan — open store
went china
Pierre Cardin
ready to wear collection
youth designer award
space age look
men;s ready to wear collection
children line — models triplets
Pierre Cardin
restaurant cinemas
perfumes, baths, car seat covers
golden diamonds
wool line
dolls, hotel
Pierre Cardin
meet mandela and castro
Pierre Cardin
dresses — beautiful and comfortable, flowy and meant for dancing
draped on live model
dress maker 13 — head 17
Nina Ricci
born italy moved florence then paris
husband jewelery maker
Nina Ricci
son ran business while she designed, son later took over
Nina Ricci
loved tennis
member of the 4 musketeers
tennis hall of fame
Rene Lacoste
made short sleeve knit shirts with crocodile on them
Rene Lacoste
1st designer to make sports wear
sponsor of french Olympic team
Rene Lacoste
made metal tennis racket, tennis ball machine, improved golf club
Rene Lacoste
died of cancer
Rene Lacoste
worked for Pierre cardin
director of Hermes
director of diet coke
Jean-Paul Gaultier
madonna’s conical bra
eurotrash — show
dance album
introduced man skirts
intimates on the outside
Jean-Paul Gaultier
inspiration — grandma closet
bra for teddy bear
edgy street to punk
worn on red carpet
latin america — inspiration
Jean-Paul Gaultier
born germany moves paris
in movie — totally spies
designer author photographer
force behind tommy
Karl Lagerfeld
goes to flea markets to look for dresses
everything white in house
always 8 hours sleep
Karl Lagerfeld
took over chanel
Karl Lagerfeld
dropped t in name
innovative styles
filmography and photography
strict diet — tuna and berries
high social class
always wears dark sunglasses
Karl Lagerfeld

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French fashion history Essay
-was sent to an orphanage at a young age -got name because he/she sang at show for a living
Coco Chanel
-was a taylor's assistance -stayed with Balsan who gave her, her exposure (invested in her) -icon o
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French fashion history Essay
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