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Fashion Decades/History Essay

News from 1900-1910
1. Changing role of women
Women entered politics, joined clubs, played sports, and went to college
2. Henry Ford invents Model-T
Fashion for Women 1900-1910
Gibson Girls, Big decorative hats, Veils for driving (dust), No sports clothes, restrictive clothing
Fashion for Men 1900-1910
Frock coats, Suits for informal wear, Knickers for sports, Leg coverings, Spats
Fashion for children 1900-1910
mini adults-dress like adults
Gibson girl look
Broad shoulders, pinched-in waistlines, floor length skirts
Designers of 1900-1910
Charles Worth, Paul Poiret, Madame Paquin, Jeanne Lanvin
News 1911-1920
WWI, Titanic sinks, Silent movies/Movie stars, More women working as men went to war, more women entering universities
Fashion for women 1911-1920
Hemlines up for WWI & women less ornate (cloth,fabric rationed), Work suits for women, Button up boots and hosiery, First bathing suits, Hobble skirts, Small handbags
Fashion for men 1911-1920
Still wearing old styles for formal occasions
Newer generation wearing casual suits w/ less padding in shoulders, more narrow lapels, and straight trousers
Fashion for children 1911-1920
mini adult looks
What’s so special about 1911-1920???
First Keds are invented and called “sneakers”
Designers of 1911-1920
Mariano Fortuny-delphos gown
Madeleine Vionnet-bias cut, cowl & halter necklines
Nina Ricci
Bias cut
Clothing cut at 45 degree angle giving more stretch, better draping and eliminating need for fastenings of any kind on dresses
News 1921-1930
Prohibition, Stock market crashes, Great Depression, Jazz music, First movie w/ sound (The Jazz Singer), First female senator, First transatlantic airplane flight, The Great Gatsby published
What’s so special about 1921-1930???
Zippers are invented!
First make-up lines
First fashion magazines
Fashion for women 1921-1930
Sportswear for women, knickers, culottes, and blazers (worn to spectator events only),
Flapper girls, Swimwear less bulky but still pretty bad
Flapper girls
Flapper girls
uneven, knee-lenght hemlines
long torso silhouettes & ruffled flounces, layers of necklaces, close-fitting hats called cloches, bobbed hair, lots of fringe and fur
Fashion for men 1921-1930
Much more informal
Sports clothing= Polo shirts, knickers
Bell-bottomed and flared trousers
Jacket waistlines nipped-in & given softer shoulders
Fashion for children 1921-1930
mini adults
Designers 1921-1930
Jean Patou- flapper dress
Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel emerges!
Coco Chanel
Quilted handbags, Two-toned shoes, Pearls, Hats, Little black dress, Tweed suits= Pencil skirts w/ short boxy jacket & interesting trim
Chanel fragrances
Chanel number 5, Chanel number 19
News 1931-1939
Prohibition repealed
Invention of nylon
War is over
Movie industry goes crazy with musicals & comedies
Fashion for women 1931-1939
Hemlines go down- mid-calf daytime, floor for evenings
No more flappers
strapless necklines
Sportswear= Tweed suits, navy blazers worn w/ white pleated skirts, simple hats, shorter cotton dresses, even pants
Fashion for men 1931-1939
Shoulders broadened & padded
Trousers: loose, straight, pleated and cuffed
Suits:double breasted, wide lapels, shorter jackets
Sportswear: Knit sport shirts and slacks worn with contrasting colored sport coats
Fashion for children 1931-1939
mini adults
Designers of 1931-1939
Jean Desses
Elsa Schiaparelli
What is a speakeasy?
Undercover bar
News 1940
WWII, women go to work again
What’s so special about WWII?
no green dye, even wealthy people had to use ration books for food & clothing, food tickets were used to buy cloth or clothes so everyone made due with what they had
Fashion for women 1940
Hemlines rise, women start shaving their legs (no nylon available), shoulders were more rounded, full bustlines
Swimwear 1940
Swimwear 1940
Built in bras cups and boning are added along with tummy control panels, now suits can be strapless.
Fashion for men 1940
Contrasting jackets
Padded shoulders
Jackets are short and fitted
Single breasted suits
More narrow lapels
Fashion for children 1940
CHILDRENS CLOTHING FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Their clothes are now more simple, practical and functional
Little girls fashion 1940
jeans, only for riding bikes
Oversized sweaters=sloppy joes
Puffed sleeves
Flared skirts
Little boys fashion 1940
Jeans for leisure activities only
T-shirts, sport shirts, styles inspired by the military
Designers of 1940
Claire McCardell
Christian Dior
Something special about 1940’s
Chanel’s house of fashion closes its doors due to WWII, This gives American designers their first major opportunity in fashion. The ready-to-wear industry grows significantly
News 1950
Korean War=no clothing shortages
words “teenager” & “beatnik” coined
First TV
Synthetics invented=acrylic & polyester
Fashion for women & girls 1950
Sportswear: slacks, pedal pushers, shorts, halters
Mixing & matching
Poodle skirts
Saddle shoes
Bobby socks
Full-skirted, strapless evening dresses for formal occasions
Hemlines both long and short
Unisex fashions for first time
Pedal pushers
mid-calf pants for bike riding
drop-out in 50’s
Fashion for men & boys 1950
Ivy league suits and pants (pants had a buckle with no purpose in the back)
pink shirt appropriate for business
Madras sport coats
Shorts for casual wear
Leather jackets
Designers of 1950
Christian Dior
Bonnie Cashin
Hubert de Givenchy
Charles James
News 1960
Vietnam war/ no shortages
Jackie Kennedy
Somebody assasinates the pres.
First fashion model
Civil Rights Act
Black is beautiful
Black Pride
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy
Fashion icon, first first-lady to wear hat
pill box hats
pearl necklaces
Chanel suits
sunglasses become fashionable
First fashion model
Twiggy; Popularized “skinny” when “skinny” was not cool.
Female fashion 1960
Whatever Jackie Kennedy wears, Miniskirts, “Mod look”, Bell skirts, First hip-huggers, Boots, Pantsuits, T-shirts inside out, Sweatshirts, Empire waistline, All skirt lengths, Hippie look, unisex styles, nude look
Male fashion1960
Jacket lapels exagerated, Pants flared or bell-bottomed, Boots, Jewelry, Anti-fashion expression, Army boots, ponchos, unisex styles
Designers 1960
Mary Quant: mod look
Courreges: go go boots
Yves Saint Laurent: licensing agreements
Pierre Cardin
Ann Klein
Geoffrey Beene
Halston: pillbox hat
Rudi Gernreich
News 1970
Disco/ Saturday Night Fever
Earth Day
Fashion 1970
Anything goes
Midi skirts REJECTED by consumers
Platform shoes
Hot pants
Polyester leisure suits
Plaid sports coats
Peacock look
Layerd look
Maxi skirts
Casualness prevails
Something special about 1970 fashion
First designer jeans by Calvin Klein
Midi skirts REJECTED by consumers (designers didn’t know they had it in ’em to do that!)
Designers of 1970
Giorgio Armani
Calvin Klein
Betsey Johnson
Norma Kamali
Mary McFadden
Ralph Lauren
News 1980
Princess Diana (her wedding dress)
Madonna (her underwear)
MTV,AIDS, Dallas (the soap), Prince (the artist),Nightclubbing
Challenger (space shuttle crashes)
Berlin Wall falls
Animal rights = “we hate fur”
Global environmental concern
*Lycra invented for fitness clothes
Fashion 1980
Pouf skirts, Mini skirts on older women, Designer labels, Torn jeans, Bustiers, Athletic shoes for no reason, Shoulder pads, *First jelly shoes
Designers 1980
Donna Karan
Louis Dell’Olio
Perry Ellis
Christian Lacroix
Gianni Versace
Claude Montana
Adrienne Vittadini
Tommy Hilfiger
News 1990
Collapse of Soviet Union, Gulf War (US vs Iraq), NAFTA, GATT, O.J. Simpson’s never-ending trial, Hong Kong returns to Chinese rule, President Clinton loves Monica and Jessica, and Alisha, and…. anyone in a skirt apparently
Fashion 1990
Doc Martens, Grunge look, Hip-hop style, Backward Jeans, Bare midrifs, Retro look, Dress-down Fridays, Khakis, Parachute pants, Overalls, Scrunchies, holes in clothes, Anything goes
Designers 1990
Richard Tyler
Isaac Mizrahi
Nicole Miller
News 2000
War on Terror
George Bush uses “strategery”
Fashion 2000
Anything goes, any hem length, any shoes or boots, hats again, Vintage looks, Chunky jewelry, headbands, whatever
Pop art styles
Short for popular art-1960’s. Featured glorifed representations of ordinary objects such as soda cans and cartoon figures.
Designer and came out with the “new look” in 1947-1956
1890’s Hourglass woman’s shape
They had large sleeves and bustles to make the other parts of there body look big and corsets were used to make their waist small.
low, soft hats with the crown creased front to back made of felt. bustle period. 1880’s
Denim jeans – began in 1849 in the California Gold Rush
Ewardian period changes
straighter skirts, higher waistlines, fewer high boned collars.
1950’s Men’s wear
gray flannel suits, bermuda shorts colored dress shirts
Leg-o-mutton sleeve
most popular sleeve of the 1890’s
new fabric introduced after WWI
Jacquelne kennedy
Jacquelne kennedy
Fashions bouffant hairstyles wraparound sunglasses, pillboxhats
womans hat 1921
new almost rebel of the 20’s she smoked she drank and necked i public looked different then the typical women of this time.
cut loos legs and belted into a band that buckled just below that knee
Poodle skirt
Poodle skirt
1950’s a fad full circle skirt made of felt with a poodle appliqué
The “new look”
created in 1947-1956 by Dior. A-line dresses unfitted silhouettes unfitted tunic dresses or A-line trapeze dresses.
S-shaped silhouette
the edwaraian/ WWI/early 1900’s. created with a pouchy bosom and a corset and petticoat.
Designer- WWI/ Edardian made the Delphos gown designed clothing and textiles from 1906 to 1949. Timeless style
Grunge Style
Late 1980’s/early 1990’s originated as clothes worn by labors in seattle- Plaid shirt, T-shirt, blue jeans- casual and unkempt ) this look put on poverty was adopted by musicians and surfers and grunge fans who liked shapeless printed dresses, torn jeans, and faded denim vests and plain shirts.
New Jacket
1960’s buttoned all the way to the neck and had a small stand up collar named after a prime minister, Jawanarla Nehru
New Romantic styles
Late 1970’s early 1980’s idealized and elegant view of earlier historic period styles.
1900 Trends
-pouter pigeon figure (small waist with rounded curves above and below)
-s bend corset
-leg of mutton sleeve
1900 Key Events
Prosperous time period led to more leisure time which resulted in the gibson girl (bloomers etc)
1900 Designers
House of worth: Jean-Phillip Worth, paquin
1910 Trends
-Narrower lines, sloping shapes
-brighter colors
-hobble skirt
-harem trousers
1910 key events
WW1-Men off to war, women may have to work. Pants for women emerge as long dresses not acceptable for some work places.
1910 Designers
Madame Jenny, Paul Poiret
1920 Trends
-Chemise dress
-long pearls and beads
-t strap shoes
-cloche hats
-costume looks
1920 key events
prohibition, end of war, womens rights
1920 Designers
Coco Chanel is the major one!
1930 Trends
– soft looks (loose light weight fabric)
-long hemlines
-big hats
-fox fur collared coats
-bias cuts, more form fitting
-platform shoes
1930 Key events
1930 Designers
James Mainbocher (1st USA designer to be successful in Paris), Jean Dresses
1940 Trends
-tailored mannish suits
-peplum jackets
-padded shoulders
-knee length straight skirts
-3/4 length coats
-debut of bikini
1940 Key events
WW2, couture houses shut down during the war. The only way for Americans to get fashion was in USA. This accelerated the fashion movement in the USA
1940 Designers
Christian Dior, Nina Ricci
1950 Trends
-shirt waist dress
-at home clothes (capris)
-wash n wear fabrics
-sweater sets
1950 Key events
Post war attitude, good economy, baby boom, polyester and rayon introduced (man made)
1950 Designers
Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent
1960 Trends
-Pill box hat (jackie Kennedy)
-shift dresses
-short hemlines
-mini skirt debut
-wild prints
-gogo boots
-baby doll dress
1960 Key events
Baby boom generation takes control of fashion, assignation of JFK and MLK, Vietnam conflict, trickle up theory strong in this era
1960 Designers
Emilio Pucci, Valentino
1970 Trends
– “anything goes” hippie style
-long and short skirts
-long hair
-platform shoes
1970 Key events
Equality for women, recession, end of vietnam, disco dancing and clubs
1970 Designers
Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson
chemise shirts, t-strap shoes, silks,satins,crepes,long strands of beads, short skirts, costume looks
soft looks, long hems, big hats, faux-fur colared coats, wraps,platform shoes, broad shouldered jackets
tailored manish suits, padded shoulders, knee length straight shirts, soft shouldr length hair, arival of the bikini!
classics: shirt waist dress, at home clothes, mink coats, sack dresses,sports wear, iny league look, wash’n’ waer fashions, sweater sets, unisex looks
street fashions, miniskirts, knits, polyester, long hair , turtlenecks, wide ties
pantsuits, jeans,t-shirts,tank tops, maxi , blazers,seperates,romantic looks
return of chemise, punk hairdos,torn clothes fad,tailored suits, return to pants, hats return, backpacks, sneakers
patriotic designs, grunge, retro, rise of vintage, innerwear as outerwear, chinos, slip dresses
mixing colors, short layers, end of haute couture
Flashdance Movie
1980’s hit inspired comfortable athletic wear to be acceptable fashion
1990’s Designers
Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein battle for #1 designer. Both very popular!
1980’s Designers
Donna Karan & Liz Claiborne hit it big in fashion, names and logos everywhere!
Ralph Lauren
Lifestyle designer of our times – logo and name is on EVERYTHING. garments, fragrances, accessories, foot ware, linens and even paint at Home Depot!

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Fashion Decades/History Essay
News from 1900-1910
1. Changing role of women Women entered politics, joined clubs, played sports, and went to college 2. Henry Ford invents Model-T
Fashion for Women 1900-1910
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